Patent Information for the
1912 John Deere Model B
Manure Spreader

This is a representation of the stencil that was painted onto the sides of the spreader toward the front.

This is a drawing of the stencil that can be found in an original 1912 brochure.

Here are links to the patents

referenced in the stencil:

Some of the dates found in the brochure do not match the information found in the patent data.
Three of the most difficult to resolve are explained below:

 Regarding 750381: This is the closest I can come for the 1904 date.
Regarding 885908: This is very likely a "Manure Spreader" patent issued to Eugene Buswell of Waterloo, Iowa. Filing date was AUG 19, 1907. The apron advance mechanism is too similar not to use it.
Regarding 895479: This does not match the date in the brochure, but I am using it given Deere's relationship with Kemp & Burpee.

Many of the these patents were registered to Theophilus Brown.
He came to the John Deere Marseilles Spreader Works in 1911 from Richardson Manufacturing in Worcester, MA.
He was the genius behind the "Spreader With The Beater On The Axle". Read more about him here.

John Deere's predecessor in the manure spreader business was the Kemp & Burpee Company of Syracuse, NY
Deere and Kemp & Burpee had business ties at least by 1908. Deere bought Kemp & Burpee in 1911 and started the Marseilles Spreader Works in East Moline, Ill.
Here is more about Deere's entry into the manure spreader business.

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