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This book contains maps for each burial and genealogical details for everyone buried at Union Cemetery.
This information was researched and compiled by Gary Jacobson, Secretary, Union Cemetery Board.
Corrections and additions are welcome!

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Almost every family in Union Cemetery can be found in this database.

Mailing Address: 11922 44th Avenue SE, Blooming Prairie, MN 55917
Physical Address: 5955 118th Street SE, Blooming Prairie, MN 55917

"Union Cemetery is wholly independent and not affiliated with any church or government entity"

Union Cemetery is located on the north central edge of Section 9 of Blooming Prairie Township, Steele County, Minnesota. It was originally part of the Joseph H. McDaniels farm. The first known burial here was that of Hattie Sprague, a five year old foster child of John & Christina Eichler. She died in 1862. Her very worn marble stone is now mounted in concrete over her grave.

The first recorded meeting of the Union Cemetery Trustees was held on March 7, 1885. In attendance were trustees Peter Simmons, Martin Haley, Laurits Larson, Hans Hanson, N.P. Nelson, Nis Nelson, and F.B. McDaniels. The meeting was held at the old District 47 schoolhouse. Officers elected at that meeting were: Peter Simmons, President; F.B. McDaniels, Secretary; Hans Hanson, Treasurer.

Union Cemetery was actually the property of the McDaniels and later the Henry Meyer families until 1927 when it was deeded to the Union Cemetery Association.

Union Cemetery Board Members

President: Gary Hansen
Secretary: Gary Jacobson
Treasurer: Ronald Nelson
Directors: Craig Nelson, Joyce Johns, Jay Klemmensen

Board meetings are held annually in April. Visitors are welcome. Contact any board member for information about date and location of the next board meeting.

Lots Available

There are many lots available at Union Cemetery. Please contact any board member about what is available. Current rates are as follows:

  • Grave (with perpetual care): $200
  • Staking Fee* (at time of burial or for marker placement): $50
  • Interment Fee (at time of burial): $150

    *A staking fee is charged any time a board member measures for grave or marker placement.

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