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 Carl Jonsson Sabelskjöld (1590 - 1663) was a soldier in the cavalry under King Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolfus) of Sweden. Legend has it that during a battle the king's horse went down. Carl happened to be in the right place at the right time. He offered the king a ride on his horse and they fought their way out of a tough situation. Legend says also that one man was right handed and the other was left handed. Thus they had swords going both left and right to fight their way out. King Gustav II Adolf was, of course, greatful for Carl's great act of bravery. In 1617 he knighted him and granted him noble status. The estate known as Bråhult in Kristdala parish became his noble estate. Bråhult had been given to Carl's father-in-law, Hans Strang, by King Johan III as payment for a debt owed to Mr. Strang in 1577.

 The Sabelskjöld family name died out in the very early 1700's, but the pride of being a Sabelskjöld descendant has not died out at all !

 The Letter of Nobility from Gustav II Adolf that granted Carl Jonsson the status of a nobleman has been translated into modern Swedish and English. Here are those translations.

Here are some pictures related to the Sabelskjölds

Pictures from the 2001 meeting of Släktföreningen Sabelskjöld in Kalmar, Sweden have been added.

Descendants of Carl Jonsson Sabelskjöld

(First 4 Generations)

Carl Jonsson Sabelskjöld b. 2 Jan 1590, Nyköping, Sweden, married (1) 1616, Magdalena Strang, d. 1628.  Married (2) 1634, Ingeborg Börjesdotter Rosenstråle, b. 24 Feb 1608, d. 1674/75, Ekenäs, Blacksta/Flen, Södermanland, Sweden.  Buried: Blacksta Church.    Carl died 12 Oct 1663, Ekenäs.  Buried: 6 Mar 1664, Blacksta Church.

I. Jöns Sabelskjöld b. 1636, Bråhult, Kristdala, Kalmar, Sweden, m. (1) 1662, Märta Stråle, b. Bef  1640, Ekna, Sweden, d. 1678, Bråhult, Kristdala, Kalmar, Sweden, m. (2) Anna Catharina Stråle, b. Tjureda, Sweden, d. 1714, buried: Kristdala.  Jons died Mar 1696, Bråhult, Kristdala, Sweden. (Jöns Sabelskjöld was born to Carl and Ingeborg)

     A. Carl Sabelskjöld  b. 1666, Bråhult.  m. 21 Sep 1684, in Kristdala,  Elisabeth Duraeus, b. 1666, d. 29 Jun 1709, Kristdala.  Carl died 1700/01, Kristdala. (Carl Sabelskjöld was born to Jöns and Märta)

        1. Christina Sabelskjöld b. 1686, Kristdala.  d. 9 Aug 1708, Kristdala.

        2. Ingeborg Sabelskjöld b. 1687, Kristdala.  m. 14 Jun 1708, in Malghult, Kristdala.  Nils Mattsson, b. 17 Aug 1684, Malghult, Kristdala.  d. 13 Apr 1766, Malghult, Kristdala.  Ingeborg died 1758, Malghult, Kristdala.  buried: 13 Aug 1758, Kristdala.

        3. Märta Sabelskjöld b. 1688, Bråhult, Kristdala.  m. 29 Jun 1710, in Saxtorp, Kristdala.  Måns Larsson, b. 1684,  Kristdala.  d. 27 Mar 1769,  Kristdala.  Märta died 2 Jul 1758,  Kristdala.
        4. Anna Maria Sabelskjöld b. 1692, Kristdala.  d. 20 Nov 1767, Doderhult, Kalmar, Sweden.

        5. Margareta Sabelskjöld b. Kristdala.

        6. Elisabet Sabelskjöld b. 1699, Kristdala.  m. Olof Nilsson, b. 1700, Krokshult, Sweden, d. 1736, Krokshult.  buried: 11 Apr 1736.  Elisabet  died 13 Aug 1780, Kristdala.
     B. Märta Sabelskjöld b. 1667, Trishult, Sweden. d. 1699, Arkelstorp, Kristianstad, Sweden.

     C. Elisabet Sabelskjöld d. 1715, Vaxsjö, Sweden.

     D. Katarina Sabelskjöld b. 15 Mar 1674, d. 15 Sep 1759, Pramboda, Langasjö, Kalmar, Sweden.
     E. Ingeborg Sabelskjöld d. 1741.

     F. Maria Sabelskjöld d. 1713.

     G. Svante Sabelskjöld d. Bråhult, Kristdala.  buried: 25 Nov 1683, Kristdala.

II. Carl Sabelskjöld d. 1657.

III. Birger Sabelskjöld m. 28 Jan 1660, in Kristdala.  Agneta Lillie.  Birger died 1688.

IV. Ingeborg Sabelskjöld d. 1711.

V. Svante Sabelskjöld b. 1644, d. 1677.

VI. Brita Sabelskjöld

VII. Elisabet Sabelskjöld d. 1659.

VIII. Brita Sabelskjöld d. 1676.

A computerized database of all known Sabelskjöld Descendants has been prepared by Marianne Lindén of Släktföreningen Sabelskjöld in Sweden. Copyright concerns prohibit placement of the entire database here. Email Marianne if you have questions, but please understand that she does not write or read English. Replies to English inquries will be significantly delayed.

If you can prove a link to the Sabelskjölds, she would be more than happy to include your information in her database.

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